I'm staying with v16

*Newer versions of Gnome are jerky with Chrome
*I prefer vertical workspace scrolling and static wallpaper (No Blur My Shell needed)
*I prefer the old Workspace Indicator extension showing just the number
*Tiling Assistant is available as an extension
*Universal Search is already available by hitting the Super key
*All of my PCs are at least 8 yrs old so old kernels don't bother me

Even the old calculator looks better.


You should be good until about April 2025 or so. After that, you will be at end of life and have to switch to something else. I still like 16.3 too but 17 is good also with some extra nice features. :v:t3:

I'm using 17 Core but i wasnt sure if the hardware i have would perform better with Zorin 16.3 or 17? My pc did lock up on me once so far. it locked up when i had connected a 1TB external drive.

My device is an Azulle Access3 Fanless Mini PC Stick, 1.1 GHz Intel N3450 Quad-Core, 4GB RAM, 32GB Storage, Integrated Intel HD Graphics 500, 1 x HDMI-Out, 4K/2K UHD Video Playback, Gigabit Ethernet, 802.11ac Wi-Fi & Bluetooth 4.0, Palm-Size Fanless Design and it originally ran Windows 10 Pro.

i experienced issues eventually with windows. The windows updates exceeded the hard drive space. The company addressed that in the Access4 by making its HDD 64GB as opposed to the 32Gb in the Access3. I figured there was still life in it so i decided to run linux on it and i've tried a few distros that run good, some better than others. It has a 32bit uefi but 64bit cpu. Luckily Zorin OS fits the bill. I just booted off my usb flash drive with ventoy and installed it.

So far 17 does seem pretty peppy. I've had my device lock up a few times with the distro Elive OS and had to do hard shutdowns. so far it was only once with Zorin 17.

I would stick with Zorin OS 17 though you may consider Zorin OS 17 Lite when it is released.
Mini PC's generally perform better on later kernels.

Thank you for the reply. I actually installed Zorin OS 16 Lite. Muuuuch better. I didnt see a 17 Lite but when it comes out i can give it a go.

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I just can't imagine what was going through the developers' heads when they decided to change from vertical scroll in app grid, to horizontal (side to side).

This is a change that came with Gnome 40+. ZorinOS 17 is now using version 43, whereas ZorinOS 16 was on version 3.38 (never mind the giant leap in versions).
So it's not a decision from the ZorinOS developers but GNOME's.

With that said, I personally find it more appealing this way as workspaces are laid out horizontally in the same way as multiple monitors would be physically be placed. It's also inline with what other desktop environments do, like XFCE (used in ZorinOS Lite), and other platforms like MacOS.


you can change it! V-Shell - GNOME Shell Extensions

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LOL. Funny you mentioned that. Just yesterday I was thinking the same thing when looking at the screen. I even checked the extensions wondering if I had to do some sort of update, change. I'm just so used to having things look the way I want. Maybe some OCD as I age. Becoming an old, stubborn man...lol

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It's a GNOME feature. Zorin uses the GNOME desktop and tweaks from there.

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