I'm tired of Gnome. My next move must be Budgie DE?

At the moment I'm testing two Budgie DE distros.

Ubuntu Budgie - cons: it uses snap. I need to figure out to remove it without breaking the system

Fedora Budgie Spin - cons: Not so many plugins like Ubuntu Budgie.

I was about to suggest pinging Turtle11, as I remember another thread mentioning those distributions.

Maybe Solus itself is also a good candidate to try Budgie? Or is it not using it anymore?

Hmmm... I try XFCE. I couldn't get livewallpaper to work in Budgie.

@Aravisian is there a global menu option for XFCE?

Has this given you trouble in the past? I’m just curious, because removing it never gave me any issue.

These days I must admit I leave it installed half of the time, because I actually find a use for it and I’ve learned to configure the update schedule in a way that behaves better. (Letting it update only at dinner time to stay out of my way).

It does says "caution" at the snap removal guide as snap have been more integrated part of the ubuntu family. I did see it when removing the snap packages one by one in the right order.

Ok. I installed Zorin 16.3 lite and it comes with global menu, sorta.

I'm totally newbie when it comes to XFCE.

You can also use

sudo apt install xfce4-appmenu-plugin

Right click Panel, choose Panel > Preferences and select Add Item
add App Menu Plugin

XFCE's defaults look rather simplistic. They are easily tweaked into something looking more modern and complex. It puts you off a little bit at first.
I remember when I first tried XFCE, I did not like it at all.
It took two more tries before I gave it a fair chance.
Being a theme styler, you already have the upper hand because you are used to thinking in terms of, "I'd like to change that"...

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Thanks. Somehow I can't get the global menu to work properly. My apps like Thunar doesn't use it. Is there a way to make the space between the folders in thunar bigger? Now they are mashed togther.

Also - I can't get panel opacity to work.... it simple does nothing. Damn I sound like a real newbie LOL :smiley:

I have never really looked into that question... I might find an answer for it.

I use Nemo File Manager on Zorin OS Lite. Using the Nemo preferences, you can set Nemo up to be very similar to Nautilus.
Here is a screengrab of Nemo on the left and Nautilus on the right (I used ZorinGreyDark theme):

Under Panel > preferences > appearance > Background select "Solid Color"
Then under Opacity set your values.


I'm going to be following this thread... Something tells me the more questions Storm has for Aravisian, the more I'm going to be learning about Lite.

Just hoping Storm ask a lot of questions...


Actually I doesn't have more question :smiley: , sorry.

I set up dual booting gnome and xfce of Zorin.

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Oh man.....
Maybe I should start an 'Ask Aravisian - All about Lite' post.... Hmmm...
Oh wait, we have a whole forum of Aravisian responses and advice...


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