Improve Zorin Os 16 Performance

Zorin OS 16 is running sluggish on my system but didn't have this problem with the lite version but I like core more, does disable the animations can improve the performance of Zorin Os 16 on my pc? Or can you suggest to me some ways by which I can improve the performance of Zorin Os 16 core?
My PC info:
CPU Model name: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-5005U CPU @ 2.00GHz
RAM: 4Gb
HDD: 1Tb

Are you able to install some more RAM in that PC?
4Gb is OK for everyday browsing and email etc but if you are doing anything intensive like video editing or gaming, then you will probably appraciate more RAM.


Switch HDD to SSD.


I second that.

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Did the same with my wifes laptop this year when she used windows 10. The laptop booted so slow, took ages. Installed a SSD and the laptop got a big boost in booting.


I agree with both Zaba and Storm.

First, switch that mechanical HDD to SSD, you will notice a 50% increase in speed just that alone with SATA, and up to a 75% increase in speed with NVME.

Then I recommend increasing your system RAM. Find out what the max memory support that your computer supports, if it supports 8GB, you need that at least IMO. If it can support 16GB, that would be even better!

To get more information regarding resource usage on your installation. Please install Stacer from the Software Store, launch Stacer. On the Dashboard, in which Stacer opens up to, you will see your CPU, RAM, and DISK usage, as well as network activity.

And then if you switch to the RESOURCES tab, you can then see what APPS are using the most CPU, or the most RAM usage.



I have a recent model laptop with 8 Gigs of RAM. It came with Windows 10 pre-installed. It runs Windows 10 very effectively. Zorin OS 16 however boots quite slowly. Some of the apps run sluggishly or are intolerable but even the apps that run pretty well take more time to load than I have been accustomed to when using other linux operating systems. I seriously doubt that the answer is to change out a perfectly good drive. Especially if other linux operating systems do not suffer some of these issues that are present in zorin core 16.

I think that the original poster received responses that did not directly address the issue that he was posting about. I am sure that substandard or worn equipment does cause problems for users of all available operating systems. But I have perfectly good hardware and successfully run other linux and windows operating systems quite effectively on this hardware. A few online searches turn up similar issues with other users.

Maybe it would be appropriate to put an effort towards providing more complete and thoughtful responses to these types of posts. I for one would very much like to know why the OS takes so long to boot and why so many familiar apps are so sluggish in this environment.

Can you please link to them? Comparing against those experiences may provide helpful clues to narrow down the prolem.

Can you please provide a list of the slow, sluggish or intolerably slow apps so we can examine them?

Can you also please note your Boot time and relay that here.
We can try examining that with systemd-analyze blame.

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