Improvements to locale settings

UNIX/Linux is based on a flawed locale paradigm using hard-coded configuration files that encode language (e.g., US), formatting (e.g., US), and encoding (e.g., UTF-8) into one file and then make it extremely difficult to fine-tune the individual parameters to a user's requirements. For one, language and formatting should NEVER have been bundled together, this is a fundamental flaw of the design. The other is that the customisation files that do exist, are not fine-grained enough.

Take my requirements, as a an example, I am multi-lingual and have lived around the world; as such I have formed my own very personal preferences, preferences that, under Windows, was very easy to support. For one, I use a US keyboard but my display language is UK English yet I want access to not only UK English, but US English as well as Swedish, Hungarian, and Arabic, as these are all languages that I use. In terms of formatting, I want a mixture using the Swedish date and time-format but with the language of the days and months in UK English but I want to be able to fine-tune the delimiters to whatever I may want, such as "/" for short date formats. In terms of currency, I want flexibility per application but, in general, I want to use EUR but sometimes I want to use USD, NZD, HUF, etc., etc.

I have tried to configure Zorin and my applications like I did under Windows; but, for one, there is no GUI for doing this for the desktop environment, and second, the command-line way of achieving this includes some hacking, hacking that should not be necessary. As I don't have time to figure out how to hack my way to what I want, I am currently using a Hungarian locale with UK English display language BUT, due to how UNIX/Linux, and most importantly how Zorin operates, means that English text is mixed up with Hungarian days and month names where such information appears, such as on the lock screen! For a beautiful environment like Zorin, seeing this mix of languages makes for a very unprofessional feel. This needs to be resolved and resolved quick as I am not alone with this issue. There are many people in my boat.

Please note that Ubuntu has much better locale support and will, for one, use the display language to represent day and month names and not that of the locale. Ubuntu, however, does not support the fine-grained support of Windows when it comes to fine-tuning the various display formats.


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