Improving battery life with tlp comments and issues

Papirus is my favorite icon theme!

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I believe it's a nice icon theme too, but I personally prefer Paper. There's no Paper or Zorin icon theme in that extension though, so Papirus was the closest I could find. It fits in perfectly.

Will this work in Zorin OS 16?

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Yes, the repository and the app both work in Zorin OS 16.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

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You don't have to install Dynamic Battery if you already on Gnome-shell 3.34++, because

"gnome-shell 3.34.0+ has a better battery out of the box"

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Just out of curiosity, I checked the version of Gnome shell of Zorin 16.

~$ gnome-shell --version
GNOME Shell 3.38.4

Indeed, we do not need this Gnome extension any more. Knowing how many times Gnome broke the extensions, it is a good news :wink:


Right you are buddy! POP OS 21.04 also uses Gnome shell 3.38. I was considering using this extension until I saw that. I remember how I used to see my battery % drop super fast on old versions of Linux, which is not fun.

I did discover something fascinating about how modern gaming notebooks manage the battery charge though. Every once in awhile I'll notice my battery :battery: is at 90%.

Turns out it's a save your batteries life feature. Lithium batteries don't like to sit at 100% all the time, they become unhappy. Lol

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Maybe of interest: Power Manager for Zorin - #24 by zabadabadoo

It would be good to have a switchable choice to stop charging at 60% or 100%

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