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I just installed zorin os pro wnd overwrote my windows11 install. Everything was working great during the install but now whenever i turn on my pc i get "[0.370009] ACPI BIOS Error (bug): Failure creating named object [_SB.PC00.XHCI.RHUB.HS14.BTLC], AE_ALREADY_EXISTS (20210730/dswload2-326).
[0.366364] ACPI Error: AE_ALREAD_EXISTS, During name lookup/catalog (20210730/psobject-220)

This message repeats a few times and they stay on screen, I believe i borked my bios settings trying to fix this because now my keyboard only powers on after this error pops up, so all my vigrous spamming F2, DEL, F10, F11, ESC, holding tab, holding shift still have me unable to access my bios before this message pops up and effectively locks my pc. If anyone could please help me bypass this i would be very appreciative. At this point i can no longer access my pc. Is there anything I can do? (edited for clarity)

Gday @Only_Exception , Welcome to the community!

First please contact the Dev's via the link in your email.
Please include your machine Brand/model.
Also provide the Windows 11 edition prior to installing Zorin.

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I appreciate the response, but please be aware im a complete noob to all of this. I have a custom build from NZXT, should i just list them the parts that are in it? Also would you happen to know how I can access the grub menu after encountering the ACPI BIOS Error. It appears my keyboard powers on by the point the error comes up but not after. I would appreciate any help at all

Please try to contact Zorin developers via the Email you received with the .iso download.

You will need to provide:
Motherboard brand/model:
Any other internal cards ( Graphics/Sound/etc:

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thank you, i was able to find the appropriate info. would you by any chance know how to access the grub menu after being stuck with this error?

You will not have GRUB if your installed Zorin over the top of Win11.

Also include how you created the installation device.
What program?
device format:

Update: I cleared my cmos and can now access bios again, i created the bootable drive with Rufus. If i try to boot from the harddrive where it was installed, i get the error as mentioned before. I am now booting from the installation drive, booting with modern nvidia drivers gives the same error, but booting from the first and safe graphics modes comes up with the error, but it goes away quickly after.
i believe the device format was NTFS

That error message means the ACPI implementation of your UEFI is faulty (ie: it follows the specifications of MS, which do not properly implement ACPI code. So MS gives motherboard manufacturers their own improperly implemented ACPI code for inclusion in the UEFI, which naturally works fine with Windows, but not other OS's.). It shouldn't be a cause for concern, as it usually doesn't cause boot failure. It's just a message that the kernel can't work around the faulty MS-provided ACPI implementation.

When the UEFI loads multiple SSDTs (Secondary System Description Tables) (loaded in /sys/firmware/acpi/tables) that contain objects with the same names (and usually the same functions), naming conflicts prevent the kernel from loading all of them correctly, which gives the AE_ALREADY_EXISTS error.

That's an unknown USB 3.0+ device. If you have anything plugged into your USB 3.0+ ports, and if you have USB ports < 3.0, try plugging into those instead. Some USB 2.0 devices don't play well with USB 3.0+, keyboards especially.

I'd suggest:

  1. Turn off SecureBoot and TPM in the UEFI settings.

  2. Update your UEFI to the latest available.

  3. If your UEFI has a setting that says something like "Auto XHCI handoff", try setting it to "Enabled" so the USB port is enumerated as USB 3.0+ all the time (if it's disabled, the USB port is enumerated as a USB 2.0 port, then handed over to the OS which can enumerate it as USB 3.0+). If "Enabled" doesn't work, try "Disabled" but be aware that if the OS doesn't re-enumerate the port as USB 3.0+, it'll run as a USB 2.0 port.

  4. Rufus and Balena Etcher can and have caused problems with 'burned' media in the past. I recommend CD Burner XP Pro for Windows and you can't beat gnome-disks (Disks application) in Zorin OS (select your USB stick, click the '3 vertical dots' button at upper-right, select "Restore Disk Image", select the Zorin OS .ISO file, set it to burning).

  5. Contact your motherboard manufacturer and ask if they can provide a proper UEFI ACPI implementation that follows long-established ACPI guidelines.

My boot drive is a 2.0 in a 3.0 so that would make sense. I did turn off SecureBoot and TPM, thank you. ill do my best to do step 3 to your instructions.

secondary update: I am now in Zorin os, however, updating my nvidia drivers brings me to a similar crash screen. I could only go back into zorin os by using a generic linux version.

If the built-in Nvidia drivers work, don't use the third-party drivers.

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