In need for Zorin

So, I switched to popos but IT SUCKS!
Gnome uses a lot of ram! And makes my PC be hotter than the Sun!
I am going back to the best option and downloading zorinos lite right now

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Good for you popos gets a lot of hype, but in reality Zorin is far better.


Me too. It’s been awhile now, but I found PopOS to be just awful.


It seems to be that Pop!_OS is one of those things that people either love or hate. For me, it was one of the smoothest experiences I had; dare I say that even more so than ZorinOS itself...? Although it may have been a hardware compatibility thing, as I tried Pop!_OS based on Ubuntu 22.04, and I had the relatively recent (at the time) Intel XE graphics.

Either way, ZorinOS remains my go to choice for installing it on other people's computers. Rarely have anything to do once installed, it's set and forget.


:sunglasses: <It's tan time!

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