In order to have a right click menu PNG converter, would anyone be interested in helping me install "python imaging library"?

These instructions in this link are for advanced experts/users of ubuntu, python & zorin, i dont have advanced knowledge of it.
I need help please, a walkthrough of how to install "python-imaging".

Installing "nautilus-extensions" requires this. If you do help me I will take notes, so that I wont need anyones help anymore with this.


I hardly think it will work. Please see the date of the link. A lot of things has happen since then with Gnome.


Have you tried ? If you install the extras it looks like there is an image conversion context menu command that can handle multiple files. That was your goal, correct?

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@337harvey , thank you, i did actually try this. I had serious issues with it. I cant remember where i had issues exactly.
Regardless, within past 10 minutes I found a solution, its what i finally had in windows 7! :smiley: it does bulk too!

I have marked the solution as your post that contains the link to your discussion with the extension creator. The extension creator quite kindly patched things up to allow the extension to work on Gnome 3.38.
Please remain mindful of updates to the extension; as I have learned when a developer expresses unhappiness with a hack, they invariably look for ways of improving that later.

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@Aravisian ,Thanks, the only improvement from here is maybe to be able to do this in Nemo file manager instead of nautilus, nemo is the only file manager i know that allows the feature to double click the mouse to rename a folder/file quickly. Also nemo shows "filesystem/root" shortcut in left hand column unlike Nautilus. :slight_smile: Although, google drive appears to work better with nautilus than nemo.


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While trying to find a solution to this, I found another tool that allows you customize the context menu further to run any commands. It's called Actions For Nautilus, and while the user interface isn't great, it does work and is quite straight forward to use.

Here's a quick screenshot of how the image converter options would look like:

The main difference with the proposed solution is that Nautilus File Converter runs as a Python program and uses Python libraries or makes system calls to other programs, with the additional performance overhead. With Actions For Nautilus you can write you own menus, specify mimetypes and of course, run your very own commands.
This isn't to say that there's anything wrong with the former alternative. In fact, I would very much prefer to see an active developer willing to jump in to fix bugs or add new features. But it is more narrow in scope as it's limited to image file conversion alone (which I guess is one pretty popular use case anyway).

For example, I achieved the same result here by leveraging ImageMagick directly. In addition to file conversion it can be used to apply filters, resize images, etc.

This can be quite useful for other common tasks that people, especially coming from Windows backgrounds, have come to expect such as scan files for viruses using something like ClamAV. Or perhaps to check and remove duplicated files.

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@zenzen , thank you, what i have now works great & im content. But i do plan to heavily customize my pull down menu, so thank u, very helpful.

Ohh I think it was in the other thread and I missed it as I didn't fully read it. Sorry for the duplicate :sweat:

EDIT: It looks like Actions For Nautilus is the successor of Nautilus Actions, now archived and no longer maintained, so maybe there's a good thing coming out of this duplication

(...) the original Nautilus Actions extension, later renamed to Filemanager Actions to reflect its wider applicability (Nemo, for example).

Unfortunately, this extension is no longer maintained and is no longer functional since Nautilus 42.2 (itself now renamed Gnome Files, though the underlying programming objects are still in the Nautilus namespace).

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