In Virtual Box - sh_Shared_Folder error


In VB I have set up a shared folder with my Z16 host and they both show okay in Files however when I try to open the VB one I get an error.

Failed to open.
Error opening /media/sf_Shared_Folder
Permission Denied.
Owner root

How can I get around this please so in Gui I can get to it whenever I need.

I see the folder and the files I placed in the host shared folder okay but can't access them in Files Gui

As I recall it you need to add your user to sfvbox group in VB
I think it's

sudo adduser **username** sfvbox

Thank you.

I was doing that and before I had a chance to put the name in .. it happened. Not sure of it has to be undone or not.

root@zorin162-VirtualBox:/media/sf_Shared_Folder# sudo adduser $USER vboxsf
Adding user root' to group vboxsf' ...
Adding user root to group vboxsf

Did it with name this time.

root@zorin162-VirtualBox:/media/sf_Shared_Folder# adduser zorin162 vboxsf
Adding user zorin162' to group vboxsf' ...
Adding user zorin162 to group vboxsf

I will check it now.

Beautiful !
Many thanks, works like a treat :slight_smile:

Edit: Although I just copied some files in the host shared folder then in the other Tab shared folder, tried to paste but it didn't do it.
The permission to seethe folders is coolm p w but looks like I stll can't paste into it.

I have done the sudo -i command which I think gives me root perms

Sorry butit is a bit confusing..

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