In Zorin 15.3 File Manager one could Map NAS Drive But in 16 You Can't

In Zorin 15.3 I used to have No Trouble in Viewing and Working with Files on my NAS Drive.
But in Zorin 16 I Can't, When I Click on my NAS Drive I get this Message (Unable to access location ) ( Failed to retrieve share list from server:Software caused connection abort ).
My System is An Average Cat 5 Home Network.
With a D-Link ShareCenter NAS DNS-320.
Now with 15.3 I did not have to make any Sharing changes in Zorin.
Infact I wasn't asked to make Any changes to the System Sharing Settings at all.
And with One Click on my nas drive I was in and ready to read or write to any files or folders.
But in this new zorin 16, I don't know what they have done ( or haven't done ) But I can't Access my Nas.
Infact I can't even get into any files or folders on Other Windows PC's that are on my Network.
This is something the makers of Zorin should Address and ASAP, because I am sure I am not alone with this problem.
It's a Step Backwards.
Any help on this would be appreciated

Hi, I have been using Zorin 16 and connect to my NAS without any issue. I am using OpenMediavault.

I suggest you to open the browser interface of the NAS and check the permission of drives you wish to connect.

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Thanks for that info. I am the only one at my premises that has access to the nas's settings.
And the settings have not changed, yet as I say I can access the contents of the drive from windows PC's and zorin 15.3.
So Why would I have to change the settings just suit zorin 16.
And do you expect me to believe that the developers of zorin 16 should ask all users to change their nas's os to omv just so they can use their nas in zorin 16.

I do not understand your response here...
No one said any of those things.
No one said you had to use OMV, FrenchPress merely offered it up as that is what she uses.
No one said anything about having to change the settings to suit Zorin OS 16 - She suggested checking your settings and permissions which is exactly what I would have suggested.

Since it is working on Zorin OS 15.3, I think we can discount any idea that the Zorin OS developers are making unusual demands that your NAS must be set up in a particular way for Zorin OS.

I have noticed that other users have pointed out more difficulty in accessing Windows Files or NTFS drives on Zorin OS 16, as well. You are right, you are not alone in this, even if it is pretty uncommon. I do not believe this is a change in Zorin OS, but in Ubuntu from 18.04 to 20.04 upon which Zorin OS is based.
But I have seen three or four threads with similar complaints and have been actively researching what change occurred between 18.04 to 20.04 - I have found no definitive answer yet.



Because your new installation of Zorin 16 requires a permission of its own to access the NAS.

As far as NAS concerns Zorin 15,3 and Zorin 16 is a completely different entity (even thought resides on the same physical machine).

Thanks for that info and for being observant in noticing others are having similar problems.
Good luck in finding a fix.
For now since I can't use my nas in zorin 16, I have no option and have moved back to windows 10.
I would have been happy to stay with 15.3 however I bought a new system which is an 11th gen, built on tiger lake and 15.3 won't work on that platform.

It's a shame that none of the fixes in the link worked for you. At least you could easily fall back to Windows.

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