Incredible fast vm

Today i installed in vm some windows 7 home in virtual machine using virtual box.
Using a couple software and some a games.
My eyes explode when i saw it faster boot with 3 second what propably in normal machine.
Why this is faster in vm?

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I find VirtualBox is more "Windows friendly" than QEMU/KVM. I use VB for my Win11 and it is really nice - fast and smooth despite Win11 having much higher requirements/system demands. So I'm not surprised you're loving it with Win7.

I prefer QEMU overall, but for a Windows VM, Virtualbox is definitively superior.

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In general, I find that Windows is faster to boot than some Linux distros (definitely faster than Zorin). Although the actual time to use, that is, when the machine is actually ready to get some work done is the other way around despite the boot time.

That said, Windows 7 was in my opinion the best Windows version made so far and it was quite snappy overall.

I wouldn't be surprised about KVM not handling Windows machines as well as VirtualBox either.

I am happy we talking about software what exist in linux and we can share more experiences to gived a choice what install in linux without some software what are difficult and focus on software for beginners.

Agreed. But both have a learning curve regardless. I think VB is much easier for those who are new to linux and accustomed to a Windows environment. Much more user friendly.

I saw VB is more funcionality. I checked a one game in VB and KVM and VB have more functions to fullscreen kvm propably some randr or something else but need more put things to working fullscreen. Yes VB is more simple.
Here is interesting video with history linux how it happens and why exist lfs.

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