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Independant Monitor Scaling

Hi all. One of the biggest issues/deal breakers I've been experiencing is scaling. I have a 1080p and 4k monitor and I wanted to scale my 4k monitor to 200%. However, when I do this, it scales both monitors to 200%. Is there any way around this?

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Hello Gauge114,

Perhaps you can find an answer here, someone dealing with the same issues;


Thanks for the suggestion. I tired this and, unfortunately, it doesn't change for the whole screen and it doesn't affect windows.

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Are you using Lite?
If you’re using Core it should work according to multiple monitors - Ubuntu 20.04 - different scaling for multi display setup - Ask Ubuntu

gdm3 is Core’s display manager and lightdm is Lite’s.

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I'm using Pro. I suppose that would be core?

I'll have to look into gdm3.

GDM3 comes preinstalled and in-use on Zorin OS Core or Zorin OS Pro.

Zorin OS Lite or Pro Lite come with LightDM (my preferred display manager).

Another post on it but not much more detail than that: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/g9rr3b/comment/fowmh66/

Try the suggestion here:

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Thanks! Your suggestion worked! I still have a few more kinks to work out before I move to Zorin permanently, but this was a BIG one! I owe you a coke.


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