Infinite loop trying to install core

First option resets every 10 seconds
2nd and 3rd not working

What can I do?

Did you verify the iso before flashing it into the USB?

yes I did, thank you for answering anyway

Does it not boot automatically when the countdown ends?

The countdown goes from 0 to 10 again

Did you try powering off and on again? If you did and it didn't work then can please tell your system specs and which edition of Zorin OS you are trying to install?
Can you also tell whether you have a linux distro or windows installed?

Yes, I powered off and switched between different USB connections
PC specs: I7 4930K, 32 Gb RAM and nvidia 1050 Ti

Maybe should I review bios settings?

Yes, please check whether you have secure boot and fast boot switched off in the bios setting.

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I'll do that. Thank you very much again :+1:

Also for those users attempting to install against Windows 8 or 10 (can't advise against 11), make sure that the hard drive Power Settings which are normally set to sleep for faster boot times is also disabled!

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