Infinite 'pending installation'

I downloaded isync_3.3.8.48942-bionic_amd64.deb file and I 'install linux application' and stays on 'pending installation' for........,...ever.
Thanks in advance

Please link the source of this download - main page listing this, not direct download link.

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The only concrete dependency is perl 5.14, did you install that prior to your attempt to install?


Retry from the terminal please.... open terminal in that directory (right click -> open in terminal). Type:

sudo dpkg -i isync_3.3.8.48942-bionic_amd64.deb

[You can hit tab to finish filling out the name after isync]

Select the output in the terminal from where it hangs up to the beginning command (dpkg)[press ctrl + shift + c to copy] , and paste it here. Press ctrl +c in terminal to cancel that progress.

disregard guys sorry;apparently you need internet connection even though one has downloaded the .deb file

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Thanks for reporting back. Thanks also for the selecting the solution but this one was figured out by you so I changed the solution to your post.

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