Info: New Kernel 6.5

Hello Zorin Community,

I simply want to give a quick Info: The Software Updater shows me that the 6.5 Kernel is ready to update:

I have now after the Installation the 6.5.0-14 Kernel:

I thought that this could be an interesting Info for People who think they need or want a newer Kernel.


I can to be sarcastic to say 6.2 and 6.5 are sames and why not 6.6.x LTS🤣?

Ok I out... :kissing_heart:

Doesnt an updated Kernel also mean more support for more hardware or has 6.2 the same supported hardware as 6.5?
Genuine question I wanted to ask for a long time.

Newest kernel is for arch distributions and developers.

The Answer is simple: Zorin use the Ubuntu Kernels because Zorin is based on Ubuntu.

Well said, and to close the matter with a recent example of a newer kernel that introduced bugs:

I have not old PC and kernel isn't newest.

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