Inkscape - Permission Denied

I wanted to make an .svg on Inkscape. In my computer, I’ve partitioned my hard drive and have a partition just for files. When I try to open a .svg on inkscape from my partition it says ‘Permission Denied’. I have had issues with other apps too.

I can access my files on the hard drive with read/write rights with no issues but some apps just don’t work with the partition. I think the issue might be with snap not giving enough permissions to the application installed. I just don’t know how to change them.

Apps not working like this:
• Inkscape - installed with snap
• Natron - installed with snap

Can you try the non-snap? It is available under Synaptic. You may want to remove the snap one first with sudo snap remove inkscape.

It has an outdated version. I had the non-snap version before but then figured that it was an outdated version of inkscape and there were no updates available. I installed Synaptic but the version available is 0.92.xx while the latest version is 1.0.1. I don’t know how to install it otherwise

@flopdisk True with snap you can get the latest app version, but with Synaptic (or if you search Software for a non-snap version) it may be one version older, but should actually work as intended.

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