Input lag in games running through proton

I have been using Zorin OS for a while now, and I have noticed a serious issue. Extreme input lag in some games running with steam through proton (eg Teardown). I suspect that this is because of either a kernel or Nvidia card driver issue. I have used other ubuntu based distros like Linux Mint in the past running the same driver, that did not have this issue. I have tried downgrading my graphics drivers from 510 to 470, aswell as downgrading my kernel from 5.13 to 5.4. None of it helped. Is anybody else experiencing this issue or does anyone have an idea on how to fix it?

I'm running Proton via Steam and also have a nvidia card (driver 510). I don't have this issue.
How did you install Steam? As a flat or .deb?

I downloaded steam from their official website as a ".deb" file. Im using proton experimental, but the issue is also present on proton 6.xx.

What about Proton 5.13? I have seen several reports that you described.

When using proton 5.13, I cant seem to be able to use any items from the steam workshop inside of my games. This mostly ruins the fun. Is this a kown bug?

There's a report that goes back to April last year, it should be fixed now -
One of the suggestions was rolling back to 5.13

The issue may be something else.

Thanks! Using proton 5.13 does indeed solve the issue, however it creates another one. If i subscibe to any games workshop items, they dont appear in game. Does anybody know how to fix this new problem?

Not a clue, but I strongly suggest you bug report it to Valve Software with every info you got.

Thanks, i'll try that and leave this issue open in case anybody else has a solution.

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