Instal a new theme?

Hi, tried to install a theme, keep getting lost with the instructions, complete newbie here, need to open hidden files I think? some help please, thank you.

To show Hidden files: Open home directory and tap ctrl+h.
If using Zorin OS Lite, you can hit View in the file manager, then check the box for "show hidden files", too.

To install a user theme;
Extract your downloaded chosen theme by right clicking and selecting "Extract here."
Navigate to your ~/.themes directory in your Home Folder. IF it does not exist, click an open area, select New Folder and name it .themes
Then enter it and paste your extracted theme folder inside it.
Open your Gnome Tweaks or Zorin Appearance (Zorin OS Core /Pro)
Or Settings > Appearance (Zorin Lite / Pro Lite) and select the theme.


Ah, bless you, worked perfect many thanks, you are a superstar! :innocent:

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