Instalation on zorin Gnome 40

i have question, thats possible to update gnome to gnome 40 (Zorin OS Core) without problems and how?

What I am reading into how this is worded is that you are looking for a method to install like "sudo apt install" or from Software Channel.
As in, "easy and without trouble." The answer to this question is "No," sadly.
It is possible to do, with a variety of troubles to overcome, along with patching existing software on the system to work with it.
For a developer testing software or ensuring that their software will continue to work under Gnome 4, it is worth the trouble. But for the average user, it would be better to wait for a release.

I saw a video where TOSS checked out Gnome 40 and it's a total fail for me. It's not made for beginners, nor your average user.