Install anonsurf in Zorin

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Anonsurf is an app developed by the parrot os developers it is a helpful tool to keep anonymity on the web it routes internet traffic through tor network
since the Indian gov has ordered all the VPN companies to keep logs for the next 5 years so I have quit using the VPN'S
How can I install it in the Zorin os
anonsurf has been forked many times but it seems they all have been abandoned
I want the latest version also
Does anybody knows how to achieve this

You might try:

Pls Look at this URL it hasn't been updated in over 5 years

It is up to the maintainer to update it... If the five year old package is the last maintained version - then it is the last maintained version.
A newer release of latest and greatest will not materialize out of thin air.

Have you found a current active maintainer?


Looks to be a current work in progress and not yet ready for release...

If i remember correctly from parrotos, anonsurf is just a python to enable tor and direct all traffic system-wide through tor. Being as the function is straight forward, it may not have needed any updates in years. You can do this manually as well, install tor, enable it to run as a service on startup configure your proxy. Anonsurf just allows you to turn it on or off.

But it is available through parrot repro
What if I add the parrot repro to zorin

If you add the parrot main repo - this must be done with great caution. You could add the repo, install anonsurf, then immediately remove the Parrot OS repo. If you do not remove it and forget; later if you run system upgrades, it could break Zorin OS by trying to upgrade or install conflicting packages that are formatted to Parrot OS, not Zorin OS.
It should work... But do not forget to remove the repo right after installing anonsurf.

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If adding the repro has some risk you can suggest me an alternate method
I have visited their Gitlab page but the installation section is not working

Yes, it looks to be in the process of being built:

The only alternate method is any method other than the repo- since the package version would still be the same.
Are you purposely avoiding kali-anonsurf?

I have installed kali-anonsurf and started it using

sudo anonsurf start 

but there is no internet access ,
how to solve this?

Have you configured your ip-tables?
Did you configure anonsurf?

Nope, can you tell me how to do this?
I am very poor at networking

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