Install app images rather than run them


I often used PopOS before but wanted to switch to Zorin due to the good things I heard about it. The only thing I now run into is installing app images.

When on POP: The app installed and I could remove AppImage from my downloads and star the application

When on Zorin: It runs the app and I can use it but it is not installed. When removing the AppImage from my machine the application is gone

What is the difference here or how to approach this?

I've not installed AppImages, but as far as I can tell...

Uhh... I suppose in Zorin it's the equivalent to a portable app (the app does not require installing) on Windows. You could add it to the main menu in Zorin by using the 'Main Menu' app in System Tools.

Thanks for your response! I did a google and I think Pop uses Eddy. But in that cause I move them to a more logical location and link them to my main menu.

Hopefully they do get applications icons... Now I have to see how to deal with .run files since they are completely new to me.

Please also see here to have an appimage manager that can install, remove and launch app images:

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I use bauh to handle appimages


Suggestions are great things. I decided to install and test this app.
It needs to be installed with PiP, I could find no other way of doing so.
Installed PiP and installed Bauh.
Launched it and entered my password. Then it said "Synchronizing: 1.0%" and...
it stuck there.
After 5 minutes, I closed it.
Launch - try again.
It did it again.
Third time was the charm. This time it synced right away.
I went to Settings to configure it. Under the Types tab, Appimages cannot be selected and it is grayed out.
There are question marks next to certain settings - the intention is to click on them for more information.
Every question mark I clicked on yielded nothing. Nothing happened.

I found the solution to all of the above problems.
In terminal, I ran

bauh --reset

sudo pip3 uninstall bauh

EDIT: I must point out that I still prefer @Maxwell-J 's suggestion over my own and am editing the linked Tutorial to include it.

Thanks for the bauth suggestion I will give it a shot :slight_smile:

I added Balena Etcher to Utilities using the Main Menu app. Had to d/l the icon tho.

Also, Plex was the only app in Other so I made one for Sound and Video and got rid of Other.

Of course, you can find anything using the Super key and just typing the first 2 letters. I moved the Super key to the right Windows key using Tweaks, BTW.

Alright I might move on to this solution. Sounds great. Windows Key to Super Key is a amazing idea cause it now acts more like a fancy Alt + Tab. And I have to see how Main Menu app works. Thanks for this advice. Would mark this as solution for now

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