Install driver tp link wn727n driver

how i install tp link wn727n driver in zorin on 16 lite ? and how i install anytype of driver in zorin?

Usually linux detects most hardware by it self. To install a driver look at the update section, if it is not listed you can check if there is a driver that could be installed by hand.

Open google
Search for “realtek alc1200 driver ubuntu 20.04”

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I've never had any luck looking up drivers in the Software & Updates .... I've only seen drivers for NVIDIA listed there ..... is there another place that would list drivers ????? .....

If you google the hardware you have most manufacturers also have the driver right on their website. They will also give instructions on how to install that particular driver since they could package it differently.

Just a simple google search I saw they have the driver right on their website along with instructions for install.

That usb looks to be quite old, you may want to think about getting something newer more compatible with today's standards and kernel.


I did that and I have no way of knowing whether the drivers worked or not as there is noway to check them on Zorin that I'm aware of .... as I saw no changes or means to install my drivers on Linux ....

My Asus only showed how to install them on Windows and only to Win 8 and above .... I did reinstall them on Win 10 but then Win 10 and Zorin are on 2 different drives dual booted so I'm not sure if those drivers will carry over to Zorin .... and if they do will Zorin kernel change them to the ones it is using ?????

Yea I know I don't know much about drivers .... :thinking: :sunglasses:

Drivers will not carry over from Windows to Linux and vice versa.

If you have hardware and don't find a Linux driver on the manufacturers website, then chances are good they don't make one for Linux nor support Linux. This is why people need to look carefully at the hardware they are buying. Not all hardware will support all 3 OS's.

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Very true and a great suggestion however for people like me that use a laptop we are more or less stuck with what we get unless we fork out the big bucks and by a laptop made for Linux ....

I don't see laptop manufactures insuring that their drivers will work on Linux anytime soon as neither my Asus or any of my Acers (3) even mention Linux .... so sad but just a fact of life ..... :face_holding_back_tears:

I would avoid buying them then. I haven't had an Acer anything in a decade so not really keeping up with them.

I have however bought 2 Dell's and everything on them has worked. Dell also offers the option of Ubuntu on their laptops.

There are some deals to be had from some of the linux laptop makers, but over all you're correct they are high priced. I got my last 2 Dell laptops brand new on Amazon.

Plus I get the insurance on them so that if anything breaks, Dell comes to me to fix it. We just had them out for my spouses laptop because one of the keys broke on the keyboard. The tech came to the house, replaced the whole keyboard and it didn't cost a cent.

There are options out there, it just takes time to go through all of them.

But most laptop makers are not going to mention Linux, this post is also about using other hardware not the laptop itself. You can't just pickup a dongle and then wonder why it doesn't work, or a mouse, or some other peripheral. There are things made just for Mac that won't work on Windows or Linux. You can't just buy the cheapest thing either or use something 10 years old.

This is why I'm not a fan of the mantra that Linux brings old things to life. There are more issues being posted from people using hardware that should have been thrown away years ago then there are from people using up to date stuff.

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