Install error EFI file system failure at dual boot

Hello and hope you all are doing great!
In Zorin lite 3.0 USB port, in LIVE mode, on Dell E7270 2.40GHz, Quad core, 500GB SSD with 16GB 4 RAM

I’ve TRIED three other USB’s !

I did ALL the searched posts, and none had my problem… checked the Zorin Manuel already.
So that’s out of the way, and nothing about the problem in Z forums!
Attempting to dual boot Ubuntu 18.04.3, and than Zorin 15 Lite as second in boot order.
In LIVE mode…
and choose Desktop Icon to “Install!”
I choose Install besides Ubuntu, choice, and all the other thingys choose wifi, check update (done,) and click to continue (to install)
I get
“The EFI File system created #5 of SCSI4 (0,0,0,) failed”
What ever that is supposed to mean??
I was going to install Zorin dual boot, move my Ubuntu /home and other files / Settings via Deja-Dup (sp?) via restore backup.
But I never got the “INSTALL” to begain, just the ERROR!

So rather than TRYING to just install Zorin Lite,
I’d still love to dual boot to exchange already installed apps and settings, B4 wiping out Ubuntu, in case Zorin gives me the same exact error with a “erase entire disk” nada choice at this point, yet.

Thank you!

When you get past the language and locality choices and to the point of “Install alongside”
Choose the
Something Else option.

This will open a Partition Manager. You can then delete, create or adjust a partition to install Zorin on.

Check how many Bootable Partitions you have. You can only have Four Bootable Partitions (Though UEFI with GPT can workaround this).

Fantastic fast support! WOW! Thanks!
I’m going to only have 2 boot partitions at this point! I think!
Again thank you
so I be gone for few days and will try UR suggestion!

Please say when you get to that point what you discover about the number of partitions because that error usually shows that the user already has the maximum number of bootable partitions that the MBR can allow.
Keep in mind that this restriction is limited to four BOOTABLE partitions, this does not include Sub-Partitions (Of which you could have many, none of which are bootable). This is not an Ubuntu or a Zorin restriction, but an age old MBR restriction, independent of Windows or Linux. UEFI with GPT was developed to solve that issue.
If you see four or more partitions - then we know that at least one bootable partition needs to be removed in order to install another bootable operating system.