Install error

Hello, I hope I have done everything right and I apologize in advance for any language mistake (English is not my native language).

I have an old Acer Aspire X5950 (i3-540 Clarkdale, 4gb ddr3, 600gb hdd) and Windows 10 was so slow that became unusable, so I decided to switch to another operating system. Tried Cloudready and it works fine out of the box but it has issues with Linux app support, so I decided to dual boot it with a Linux distro and I chose Zorin because I liked how simple and pretty it looked.

I now have no OS on the hdd because both Zorin 15.3 and Zorin 16 beta live show me an error message while installing, either in dual boot or wiping the hdd completely and installing Zorin as the sole OS.
The message says: Error 5 input output error and that it is caused by a faulty dvd drive or hard disk, but I checked the health of my hdd with the disk app and it says that it is completely fine. I tried formatting it with Gparted, rebooting and trying to install Zorin again but it hasn’t worked so far.
Is my computer too old to run Zorin? Should I try the lite version or another distro? Unfortunately I don’t have another pc or laptop I can try the distro on to see if the problem is my computer, I just have an old iPad I’m using to post here.
What have I done wrong considering that Neverware Cloudready worked completely fine?

There are quite a lot of different tips in this thread - from rearranging cables to running various disk checks (Windows or Linux). Rather than trying to sort each one here, it may be easier for you to scan the entire thread:

Okay, I tried formatting the disk with gparted and leaving the space unallocated…but now the Zorin 16 beta live usb shows me in the file system check that there is an error, should I download the iso file again? I downloaded it from the sourceforge link in the beta blog post, is it possible that the file is corrupted or became corrupted when I made the live usb with etcher?

Downloaded the iso again, flashed it again but the live usb still gives me disk errors, squashfs error and doesn’t install the os on the hard disk :slightly_frowning_face: the hdd is perfectly fine and so are the usb drives I am using, I really don’t understand what’s going wrong

How did you shut your windows down?
Make sure that it is not in a hibernate mode. I had such error message during Clonezilla back up of a disk which contains Windows.