Install Fritzing is not working

Hello together,

I will try another distribution and read about Zorin. Before installing on a productive Computer i had try the Core version, but read about the program Fritzing included in the Education Edition.

Normally it could be easy to take a core edition an install Fritzing. But this is not working. After installing the core.fzb cannot be found by the program (no such file or directory). This is a little bit strange because i think the installing process is given by flatpak (or snap?).

I tried another package “moneydance”. After starting there is a terminal called “snap”, but nothing happened.

I think it is important to correct these things. Zorin has a lot of eye-candy, but more important is a executable distribution. And what i wrote about is really a problem for people who want to switch to a new distribution.


Could you please try using APT to install Fritzing and see if it works properly once completed. First, you will need to remove Fritzing by the method you used to install it.

Once removed, then reinstall with

sudo apt-get install -y fritzing

To install Moneydance, navigate to the Source Website

and select Linux - Download .deb
Once downloaded, you can double-click the moneydance .deb file in your Downloads folder to install. Or you can install from the terminal with

cd ~/Downloads

sudo dpkg -i moneydance_linux_amd64.deb


Thanks a lot for this tutorial.
Moneydance is working being installed in this way.

Unfortunately fritzing replies the same problem. There is so data in /home/user/bins/core.fzb. The folder “bins” not exists. Apt-get do not show any message that there is a problem to create this folder.

Uninstall, manually create this folder and install again will not be successful, so it is not a rights problem (ok, improbable, but i want to give it a try).

Because of the auntum half-term in Berlin i will not be able to help with further testing in the next 10 days, sorry for that.


In this case, please enter in the following one at a time in terminal

cd /usr/share/fritzing/

sudo git clone GitHub - fritzing/fritzing-parts: Electronic components for use in the Fritzing app (aka the parts library)

sudo mv fritzing-parts/ parts

And let us know if it resolves the issue.

This resolves the issue, thanks for your support!