Install Google Drive repository

Hello, I have recently started using Zorin after only ever having used Windows. Zorin OS is entirely new to me, and I am a computer user only, not a programmer or developer in any shape or form. I have accessed Google Drive through my browser, but could someone please give me step by step instructions on how to install a Google Drive folder to my computer which will synchronise with the online storage system? I looked at other forum posts and one of them suggested using inSync; however when I tried to install this, I received an error message. Thank you very much in advance.

From the App Menu, you can launch Settings
Move to the Online accounts tab from the Left Pane
You should see Google listed.
Click on that - it will open a Pop Over window to sign in.
When you launch the Nautilus File Manager, you should see the drive mounted to the File Manager in the left pane.

Thank you very much!!

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