Install gWakeOnLan under ZorinOS 16.x

For all who also love this tool - i have not found the soft in the repos.

So sudo apt-get install gwakeonlan will lead you to
-> E: Für Paket »gwakeonlan« existiert kein Installationskandidat.

Following steps to reproduce will let you make it running under ZorinOS 16

  1. Load the setup files to a location of your choice (i have taken /tmp dir)
    so cd /tmp
    git clone GitHub - muflone/gwakeonlan: A GTK+ utility to awake machines using the Wake on LAN.

If git is not installed -> install this first

  1. i choose the /usr dir for install so i switched to the downloaded dir
    cd /tmp/gwakeonlan and run
python3 install --root /usr
  1. to make gwakeonlan running with /usr/bin/gwakeonlan i had to link the path

whereis gwakeonlan (looking for the location of gwakeonlan)
-> if it is /usr/local/bin/gwakeonlan
then link it as follows

sudo ln -s /usr/local/share/doc/gwakeonlan/ /usr/share/doc/gwakeonlan
sudo ln -s /usr/local/share/gwakeonlan/ /usr/share/gwakeonlan

After that i checked my Main Menue Entry for gWakeOnLAN and set the starter to /usr/local/bin/gwakeonlan

From the terminal you should be able to start it too with just the command
-> gwakeonlan

Hope it helps all others. Like this GUI Tool for starting my PCs in hibernate mode.