Install hangs on creating ext4 file system

I have very limited computer experience so I need some help for being a Dummy on this. During install the screen is showing "Creating ext4 file for/ in parition #5 of SCSI3 (0,0,0) (sda).... At this point it has taken about an hour whilst the blue status bar is showing movement but nothing happens. I'm installing the basic one as the install with safe graphics and Nvidea options crash. Is it worth my while buying the Pro version? Comp specs: Dell inspron with 4Gb ram. Clean install. Had Ubuntu running previously but as it was so slow I'm trying Zorin. Hope I get it going as I'm impressed with the write ups.
I see now there is a message under the blue status bar. The last line is as follows: "XDG_RUNTIME (/run/user/999 is not owned by us (vid 0), but by vid999! (This could e.g. happen if you try to connect to a non-root PulaeAudio as a root user, over the native protocol. Don't do that."
All Greek to me

Zorin OS Pro is not special in its performance; it will not "work where Zorin OS Core does not." Pro comes with additional software and perks, yes. But it does not unlock functionality.

What you are describing sounds like a Partition error occurred.
The usual way of solving this is to halt your current installation.

Boot from Try Zorin and unmount the partition you are installing to. Open gparted in the Zorin Trial and Use it to format the partition you are using to ext4 one time.
Complete format.
Once done, Re-Run the Ubiquity Zorin Installer from the desktop icon.
When you get to the screen asking if you want to Install Zorin as a clean install or Alongside of any other O.S., move down to the Something Else option and select that.
Select the same partition that you just formatted and plan to use for Zorin OS.
Set it for Prim,ary and ext4 journaling file system and be sure to set the Mount Point to / at the bottom of that window.
Then let the installer run.
It should work, but please update this thread if it does not. We may need to run SMART tests on the integrity of the Drive itself.

If it continues with that message, you may need an additional Grub Parameter.
Grub is what Boots the O.S.
Boot the Live Zorin, then at the Menu that says "Try Or Install Zorin" tap the e key.
Read through the tangle of script until you see "quiet splash". Add nomodeset noacpi inside of those quotes after quiet splash to make it:
"quiet splash nomodeset noacpi"
Once done, proceed to boot and Try Zorin, then try running the installer.
If everything installs well, then we may need to set that grub parameter permanently.

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Thanks for detailed instructions. I took a long and obvious unnecessary route ti get it working. I installed Win 10 and partioned HD. Tried Zorin and that didn't work. Then I got Ubuntu installed, installed Zorin next to it without trouble. Then made total install if Zorin which now seems to be working OK. Very impressed so far except that Firefox took an age to load!

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