Install MS Office 2021 on Zorin OS 16


I'm learning Linux because I'm new to it. My OS is Zorin OS 16. Having originally acquired Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus and I'm attempting to install it. There is a error code: 0-2031 (3) when I attempt to install it using wine. It instructs me to verify my internet connection or my disk space. Yet, these requirements satisfy my PC.

The identical error still occurs when I try to install it through wineHQ. There is no MS Office 2021 Professional Plus version accessible in playonlinux.

Note: wine version 6.0.3, I've turned off Windows Defender on Wine, and my linux distribution's firewall.

Can I somehow install Microsoft Office 2021 Professional Plus on my Linux distribution?

Have you tried installing it via PlayOnLinux?

Also, not to steer you away from MS Office, but have you tried the alternatives? LibreOffice (which is what I use), Open365 (browser-based), FreeOffice, MS Office Online (browser-based), WPSoffice, Feng Office, Calligra Suite, OnlyOffice, OpenOffice, etc.

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Very not recommended. Have you tried Office 365?

But a lot of people like Google Docs better.

Zorin has new fonts that make Libre Office very compatible but you can always install the MSFT fonts.

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Thanks @TabNumlock for assistance.
Yes, I have tried Online version of MS Office but I was trying to install it on linux cuz If you are travelling and if don't have internet access then it will help.

Thank you @Mr_Magoo. I have tried LibreOffice and I think it is installed on Zorin Os by default. I'm feel comfortable to work with MS Office thats why I was wondering If I can Install MS Office on it.

In second part propably you can choose a VM with VNC
Here is guide about how to make VM working with VNC and your office.

You can also propably choose shared folder with VM and Zorin OS

Why not try Onlyoffice instead. You'll get used to it just like you did with Linux.

During Lockdown, I only needed Microsoft Office in respect of Outlook due to a shared mailbox issue, and BrailleBlaster Translation software as latter would not run on Devuan. Your best solution with least heartache is to install Virtual Machine Manager and then install Windows as a VM - you will then be able to install your version of Office. Virtual Machine Manager has a much better graphics capability than VirtualBox or PlayOnLinux and also supports USB 3.0 better than Virtual Box - whilst USB 3.0 is listed as an option for hardware in Virtual Box it does not work - no such issue with Virtual Machine Manager. Also I found SoftMaker Office has a much better workflow than Microsoft Office, but it does not include email client, just TextMaker (text processor), PlanMaker (spreadsheet), Presentations (PowerPoint-like application). It was the best match when submitting documents, spreadsheets and presentations to work colleagues using Microsoft Office 2019/365. FreeOffice is the free version. Also SoftMaker Office is much easier on the eye.

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u can try wps-office, i think it will be better for u, u will reach it offline without internet and u will get tools more than ms -office-online(free version), and u will get interface very similar to ms-office-offline.
wps office is the better alternatives to ms-office in linux, and i think it will be the default one in the near future, he just need to support all lanugages

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wps office is closed source and that is why one Chinese user stopped using it. And now with Opera browser a Chinese data scraper, what's to say wps office could be doing the same. The most compatible Office Suite is SoftMaker Office, German software engineering at its best. I worked as a Vision Support Technician which involved modifying texts into Large Print. Because students use MS Office it was important that the Suite I used at home (from Lockdown in March 2020 to when I retired end August 2021) would show correctly on student computers and Notebooks.

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most of programs are closed source, ms-office is closed source.

i'm sorry, i can't understand that , can u explain that with more details.

any one have used ms-office will not like softmaker, i was ms-office user, and i will not accept a lot of missing tools in softmaker. i found wps-office the most similare to ms-office, i think u haven't used ms-office(paid version) a lot , if u do, u will not accept any app-office instead of it.
libre-office is the best in linux because of the stability and supporting all languages , and has a lot of features, but wps-office will be the best if he get the stability and supporting all lanugages

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I honestly prefer Onlyoffice because of better MS Office file compatibility.

A lot of those features are those I don't use anyway. You may use them more.

I've never used WPS, only Libre and Onlyoffice.

Never fully heard this story but I think Opera got bought out by some Chinese company.

@eid You are right. The MS office provides a lot of premium features that definately take to a new gear in productivity. I seriously loved with MS office. I will try WPS office as you mentioned.

Thanks a lot for your assistance.

@swarfendor437 Thanks for your assistance.
I will try SoftMaker Office too.

You can try FreeOffice, the free version of SoftMaker.

SoftMaker Office for Windows actually comes with an early version of MathType but as Linux is not ASCII it is not possible to use that. LibreOffice has LibreMath.

I beg to differ, I have used MS Office since 95, 97, 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003 - things went downhill from there when 2007 came out with their badly designed Ribbon.
I used MS Office 2010, 2013 and 2019 and Office 365 - and I love SoftMaker over Microsoft anyday - In Word for example you can only cut a table - in TextMaker 2021 I can delete a table! Also any imported Text into a table from Okular drops to default font of Basic Roman - easily remedied because when I opened any new Text Maker document I set the default font, so to make the imported table default font, all I had to do was highlight all the cells, press Ctrl+ space and got the default document font settings. I love the way that lines is a separate item in the Ribbon compared to M$ offering. The only negative for me in SoftMaker was lack of image compression (which I achieved in LibreOffice) and font spacing was in % and not points - easily worked around by creating font spacing in points in LibreOffice, copy and paste into TextMaker and see what the % is. They were the only two things I missed. And I did the MS Office Professional course and passed in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint but sadly didn't get the MS Access element so glad to say I can't call myself a Microsoft Office Professional! The colour schemes in Office are absolutely awful. I found that my Workflow with TextMaker was much more productive than using Word. For e-mail I used Outlook365 settings in Evolution - no issues at all - plus I got warning sound when I got mail - not available in Outlook365. I have used wps office - they have joined the rest of the bandwagon of charging a monthly fee. SoftMaker has also gone down this route so pleased I got a 5 machine licence (regardless of what OS is installed) for the princely sum of a one-off payment of £24, and was more than happy to upgrade from 2018 to 2021. Whilst LibreOffice outdoes MSOffice on the language front, it cannot have full interoperability with M$ Office because M$ never followed through with supporting ODT format. Also LibreOffice and TextMaker can export to epub format.

As to the security of wps office:

Here is a screenshot of LibreOffice Writer 7.5

Here is a screenshot of TextMaker 2021:

Here is a screenshot of OnlyOffice that is used by my cloud storage provider, murena showing a .docx file I created in TextMaker 2021:

Before I forget, the only thing to amend in layout in TextMaker 2021 is to turn off hyphenation and turn off auto-hyphenation - then save that file as the default .dotx file for future documents.

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thank u for these details and sharing your journey with office apps. i feel wps-office has some problem in stability, and when i click on any link in it related to go to online , i have ever get high cpu before, but not now,so i think that there r something wrong too, and it's seem there r late in maintenance and updates, but i think it will be the best in the future

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