Install not Find Windows OS

Hi. I have Windows installed on HDD "D:" not on "C:". However, Zorin does not find my Windows during the installation. Can I install Zorin somewhere and only select the bootloader? Unfortunately I don't have any screenshots, hope you know what I mean

do you mean that after installing zorin you cant boot into windows anymore?

Negative. I installed Windows and wanted to install Zorin afterwards

so you want to install zorin without losing windows? just partition part of your exisiting drive and install zorin on that.

That's the plan. but the installer doesn't find my windows and I don't know exactly how to do it manually without deleting windows :slight_smile:

what do you mean it doesnt find your windows? the installer will automatically use the unallocated space you created to install zorin right alongside your windows installation

If you have windows in a separate disk, it will not find windows for install. You would have to choose the disk windows is on to "Find" windows.

Installing them on different disks is common, but you may have to change the boot order to log into windows.

It's worked out. I had to try a little bit, but in the end it worked. Thanks very much

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