Install oem for end user on refurbished computers

I volunteer at a non profit refurbishing used computers for resale. For the last two or three years I have been installing Zorin core on the computers that come in with Windows 7 or older. On the older of those computers I install Zorin Lite.

Previously I would hit tab on the first install window. I would add this text to the end of the line:

"oem-config/enable=true ---"

This changes the install mode to oem. It leaves an icon on the desktop (Prepare for end user) that I click in order to prepare the OS for the end user. When the end user turns it on, they can create their own account and password.

I now have the Zorin 16.3 iso. When I type in the string above, Zorin does start an install for OEM, however it does not put the "Prepare for end user" icon on the desktop. I know of no other way to prepare the computer if there is no icon to click on.

Questions: Am I typing the wrong text in? Is there a new way to install oem? Is there a script I can run?

Thank you,

A couple of quick questions:
Are you installing with the machine connected to an active internet connection?

Are you installing using English with English keyboard layout?

This time I did not connect to the internet, but could have. I am using English with the English or US keyboard layout, I believe. Thanks. :slight_smile:

Please try with it connected, and with "Install third party drivers" checked.
See if the icon then appears.


Will do, thank you.

Well, that did it, thank you.