Install or upgrade your zorin os core 16.3

Apparently Zorin Os Core 16.3 is out?
How can you update and upgrade it
Without a new installation?

Point releases never require a re-installation. Point Releases for Zorin OS Pro similarly do not require any purchase.

To upgrade to Zorin OS 16.3, you can use the GUI Software Updater in the app menu.

Or in terminal, run:

sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade


Where to upgrade to 16.3? There is no news about Zorin 16.3? Where can i find the news about Zorin 16.3?

And the command; sudo apt update && sudo apt dist-upgrade

The command do not upgrade my system from 16.2 pro to 16.3 pro, there is nothing to upgrade on my part.

Hmm.. my system says Zorin 16.3. When did this happen? What's new in 16.3? Why no news about it?

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The first quote is when it happened. :wink:

Point Releases mark minor milestones in Patches, bugfixes and stability markers. Which kernel you are on, now. They do not often introduce new features or anything that is newsworthy. They do not normally offer new software and they always are on the same base.

Releases, such as moving from Zorin 15 to Zorin 16, is a major release that can have a new base, new features and new software.


There was "big" news alerts when Zorin 16 was released, same with .1 & .2. But no news updates for 16.3?

Zorin OS 16 being released was big news. It introduced Zorin Connect, software sources and many other new features and it was a Major Release.

Point releases may get an email alert... If one has not arrived for 16.3 - it likely has not yet arrived is all.

When Zorin 17 is released, it too will be big news and there will be plenty of pop-tech articles discussing it. And dissecting it.


I understand that information regarding this update will be officially posted tomorrow, Wednesday the 26th, on the blog.

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I apologize, the tentative date is this Thursday, July 27.

I didn't even realise that 16.3 was in the air until I came across this thread. However, upon checking neofetch and Settings, I can confirm that I've been upgraded to 16.3 which was a pleasant surprise.

Not sure what's new but the kernel is 5.15.0-78-generic, if that helps.

Update released on 25-07-23
to update through you
Menu System Tools Update Management

This is what I've found so far.

But I think this is actively changing. When I first looked at it, it only referenced 16.3 and not 16.3.3

Big release blog just dropped

It is very welcome this new update, however I have a doubt, wouldn't it have been better to implement these improvements in Zorin Os 17?
By the way, does it mean that we will not see Zorin Os 17 this year? I ask because Zorin 16 was released more than 8 months after version 15.3.

Unfortunately still old nautilus, which doesn´t allow to copy files to and from desktop, it was the only feature I would want to be settled on 16.3, a newer version of nautilus, nothing more

Wow, never noticed this issue before, but I think this is more related to Gnome, not Nautilus. Gnome has decided that they don't like people using the Desktop and remove features like having shortcuts or any sort of files in there, so it's not surprising this doesn't work either. There are extensions to overcome this, which ZorinOS implements out of the box, but this is a sneaky one.
Luckily, drag and drop works normally.

Within Nautilus you can copy and paste files normally if you navigate to the desktop folder. For example setting two windows of Nautilus side by side, one showing the Desktop and the other a different directory, both can share files normally via drag and drop as well as copy and paste.

I wonder if using a clipboard manager may help to overcome this limitation.

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How much internet(in GBs) it will take to upgrade zorin os 16.2 core to 16.3 core?

Tested Zorin 16.3 on vm without errors and working smoothly and fast. Nothing to complain.

This concisely details the problem.
It is not nautilus, but the removal of Desktop Icons that causes this bug.

This is a really good question (That I do not have an answer to offhand). But I will try to find it.
It shouldn't be very much of a difference in size between the two.

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