Install Win11

yeah...the title is correct and maybe not the correct place to ask this but asking anyway...

I plan to upgrade Win10 with Win11

My laptop has 3 SSDs

1 Win10
1 Z16
1 data

Grub handle the dual boot.

how would you recommend me to upgrade Win10 to W11?

1st physically remove the Z16 SSD then do the Win11 upgrade and once done put back Z16?
If I let the Z16 SSD will Win11 mess up the grub during the upgrade?


I think secure boot needs to be on for Win 11 I don't think you can install it on the same system not too sure

I have anyway secure boot enabled...Z16 asked me this when I installed virtualbox...

my question is more about does the W11 upgrade will mess up the grub if I let the Z16 SSD in the laptop? Should I better remove it before the upgrade and put it back once done?

I would remove the linux drive, install windows 11 and put the linux drive back just to make sure it wont get messy.


I don’t believe it would if z16 drive is first on the boot loader. Not sure if grub would recognize windows 11 tho…

I installed Win11 on the 10 years old Acer Aspire along with Zorin 15,3. It is keep on updating just like a normal installation. This old laptop does not have UEFI nor secure-boot nor TPM.

See the other thread I started about Windows 11.

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You can run the windows 11 installation assistant and upgrade without upsetting grub, but I would suggest having the boot priority set to windows for update/restart purposes. The process takes 15 to 60 minutes and is a glorified feature update. You can roll back with this method also. Download Windows 11

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I installed Win11...

Previously I removed the SSD with Z16.

Once done I re installed the SSD, Z16 was not detected so wne to bios to put back the SSD with Z16 as 1st then no problem...



It is always way more straightforward to remove other disks before installing another OS. My solution is to make all SSDs pluggable.

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