Install Zorin Lite on an USB Stick

Hello there, how to install zorin os on a 16g usb?
I installed it, but it won't boot. So, i wiped the drive and I'm ready to reinstall it, if you have advices, please tell me. (on UEFI)

Please take the time to use the search function above as well as the Tutorials and Guides to see if your issues has already been addressed before. It helps the Mods and others to focus on new issues as they all do for their love of Zorin and out of their Free time

here is the info found on the forum:
How to install and use Zorin through USB

I’d like to share my beginner experience doing this. I’m no expert, just did it this way and it worked for me. I was a complete Linux novice before this, and still one. But now I have Zorin lite and also Zorin core running off USB thumb drives (Samsung fit plus), and they run very well on my Lenovo T430 laptop.

Please note I did it this way because I’m still using windows 7 mainly on my laptop, and didn’t want to change my windows hard drive and have dual booting menu every time I start my laptop.

First I formatted the blank USB drive with 2 partitions. First one ext4, and 2nd one Linux swap (I did 8gb swap). Used a windows HDD program to do this. Having the swap partition greatly speed up OS booting for me. I don’t know why, just did.

Next I removed my laptop internal hard drive with windows OS so I wouldn’t mess it up, and also so the install won’t write any boot info to them.

Then I booted up laptop using Zorin install usb, and after it loaded up I put the USB I wanted to install Zorin on into another USB port, and went through the install process. I chose ‘something else’ and selected the blank ext4 partition as the destination to install to.

After install was over, I rebooted using the new installed OS USB drive and it booted up fine.

After turning off again, I then put my windows hard drive back in. My laptop still boots to windows automatically like I want, but I can select to boot off the Zorin USB anytime just by pressing F12 when to laptop starts.

The Samsung fit plus USB drive is SO small, I just leave it in my laptop all the time.

There’s probably a better way to do this. I hope others will chime in with it.

Nice to have Zorin OS at hand anytime I need it.

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Ok, but the persistence method doesn't work for me. I need to INSTALL zorin on an USB

The suggestions from Bubby and Dav are not persistence. Those are just good procedures and as Dav says he INSTALLED it on a USB. Perhaps you have not read his actions well enough.

Must say I have done it ones or twice like Dav explains and that worked fine. it INSTALLS Zorin on an USB.

the link @Bubby put here is about persistence

how can I plug my disk off as you did?

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