Install zorin paid version into my clients laptops/desktop

some admin can tell me if its legal to istall zorin on my clients laptops?

If you are talking about ultimate then it is as much a moral issue of depriving Team Zorin of funding of the project. You are not an authorised reseller of the product or a supplier of notebooks such as Starlabs or Novo Custom. You should only be installing Core, Lite, or Education. I’m just a volunteer, not an Admin - Team Zorin are Admins - but it is still blatantly wrong.

“You can install your copy of Zorin OS Ultimate on multiple computers for personal use.
For business and organizational use, you will need to purchase a copy of Zorin OS Ultimate for each computer you intend to use it on. To do so, please click the “Download” button on this page and click the “(edit)” button beside the “Your order” text in the top-right corner of the checkout to increase the quantity of copies.”

Hi @mox80, welcome to the forum!

It is necessary to purchase a new copy of Zorin OS Ultimate for each of your clients (using the “gift order” option).
However, you may not suggest or imply any official affiliation with our company.

If your clients are businesses and organisations, we would also recommend you to look at using Zorin Grid. It’s our system management tool we’re developing, which will make it easy to deploy and manage a fleet of Zorin OS computers from a central dashboard:

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thanks for the answer!