Installation and at reboot OS crushed

Hi there. I'm typing from my phone so I might have some mistakes.
So I installed for the first time Zorin OS 18 I think, it worked, I got a clean installation, I looked through, and when I restart it crashed...
I'll attached some images with the issues found, and I'm hoping for someone with ideas about how should I deal with them.
The first image gets on my screen after starting my laptop and you may see my selection, and the second one after my chosen option.
The thing is that when I want to reinstall the OS again it doesn't let me go to the installation menu again, which would be great and I don't know what errors has found. Could there be a way of reinstalling the OS with a line of command or from Bios, or with a command line or something in the second image please?
Many thanks.
If it does any sense I'll try to copy every line of command with errors and typing it here.

Welcome to the Forum!

It is Zorin 17. Zorin 18 is somewhere in the Future.

Let me ask some Questions:

Did You checked the Checksum of the ISO?
Is it a Dual-Boot system (Windows and Zorin)?
Is Secure Boot turned off?
Is TPM turned off?
Is for the Drive AHCI active?

If You want install Zorin again You could use the bootable USB Stick with Zorin on and start it again and install it again with the Option to Erase the Disc (if You don't have a Dual-Boot System).

Thanks for the quick reply. I'm currently installing the OS again.
Many thanks.
Hopefully this project will prove his capability for the future.

Because You write that and You use Lite: I'm sure You have read it but the Zorin Lite Version will only comes to 2029. Then it will disappear.