Installation and Usage nightmare, unable to complete support form on website - constant error

I've resorted to posting here, as I attempted to contact the support team by the webform and was constantly being given an error saying my message couldn't be sent. I purchased Pro and had to contact Paddle directly to forward my request for a refund to the Zorin team.

For context I am using a Huawei Matebook 16s (i9-12900H), and I'm not able to wake the laptop from sleep without needing to fully reboot the system, I'm having graphics errors, screen tearing, it's a total mess and I'm no longer interested in using it, I'll be heading back to Ubuntu unfortunately.

Tagging @AZorin and @zorink , the ZorinGroup for review of your difficulties.

It looks like you are on the right track. All of the above suggests a graphics driver error. Out of curiosity, which edition of Ubuntu is working on your i9? 20.04? 21.10? 22.04?