Installation crashes

I'm trying to install ZorinOS Lite on a laptop, but I'm having many issues :

  • I can't try the distro, it crashes each time I want to do something with the GUI
  • It's lagging a lot while I'm trying to install : I'm stuck on a step (waited many minutes) and when I try to quit, it crashes.

Onces it crashes I can't do anything beside force the shutdown.

The only errors when I load the ISO :

I can answer any questions to help.

Hope somebody can help me solve this issue.

Thank you

Update, I can sometimes use the live session and GUI with safe graphics. But cannot install anything : keeps loading indefinitely at "random" steps...

What graphics card does your computer have?

Intel HD Graphics 520

Intel UHD 650 reported last week...
Intel HD 600 earlier today... now this...

Can you please do me a favor... boot the LIVEUSB Zorin OS with safe graphics, then open a terminal and run

uname -r

and relay what result that gives?


Sorry for the 2 last messages

Fascinating... so the .iso gets updated with the latest Kernel.

And I believe that the latest kernel is the cause of your issues.
Let me see what I can find...

Thank you.
Weird to see that happening... Not lucky.

PCI; 8086:1916:103c:80fd
Class: 03-00
Vendor: Intel
Name: Skylake GT2 [HD Graphics 520]

I have confirmed that this is a regression in the kernel.
The reason this does not show up as an error with Ubuntu 20.04 but is one on Zorin OS 16, even though Zorin OS is based on Ubuntu 20.04 is because Zorin 16 uses the Ubuntu 21.04 kernel (thereabouts, anyway)...
And sure enough, this graphics card does not work properly on Ubuntu 21.04, either.
The only solution I can see for installing Zorin OS 16 is to install Zorin OS from Command Line only (Or if the Ubiquity installer works under the Safe Graphics option to disable modesetting), then immediately install the stable 5.8 kernel.
Remove the 5.13.0-30 kernel; then boot normally and lock the 5.8 kernel in.

Another solution may be to install the Ubuntu 20.04 OEM kernel.

That seems a little complex, I could do that for me. But I'm doing this for my parents. Is there any way to solve that easily ? Or i have to wait or install another distro ?

You might test Linux Mint and see if you have the same issue.

I will try that if I have the time.
Thank you anyways for the help and informing me about the issue.

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For me, it is a measure of frustration in how little I still know about Linux. :neutral_face:

Linux Mint is similar to Zorin OS and has the same base. An installation attempt should be pretty quick...
It may help narrow down if it is Kernel or Ubuntu where the issue is.

If it works, it may afford you an operating system... :slight_smile:

Honesty, ZorinOS Lite would be perfect.
I searched and no other distros even come close to Zorin in what I want (lightweight, design, ease of use for really new users).
Linux Lite would be great but the design is not great.
And Linux Mint is not as lite.
Since I don't have a great internet connection here I cannot easily test any distro. So I think I will stay with windows until there is a fix, or maybe Linux mint (debian édition) or Linux Lite...
I have only two days left to find out what I will do before leaving for several months. Hard decision for some bugs.

Otherwise, I tried Linux Lite and Linux Mint debian edition and seems to be working fine at first then some of the same issues occured on Linux mint (without compatibility mode) and issues with the installer on Linux lite

In these two distributions I had the same errors :

It's to be working with Linux mint in compatibility mode even with the errors.
I can't test every case so it's a bit random when issues occures...

Hope this can help

I'm a bit hopeless now.

I get this feeling a lot... trying to help users on this forum...

Can you try booting the Installer LiveUSB, but at the grub where it asks if you want to "try or install Zorin" tap the e key to enter the grub editor.
You should see that option listed at the bottom of the Grub Menu...

After tapping the e key, scan the page looking for "quiet splash"
Once you find it, add the grub parameter pci=noaer to it so that it looks exactly like:
"quiet splash pci=noaer"

Exit the editor and continue the boot... see what happens...

Yes, I see you everywhere...

I did that :

It seems like I can install zorin os !!!!
Do I install ? Risk ?

Go for it. Fortune favors the bold...

Worst Case Scenario is that we may need to permanently add pci-noaer to grub once installed.
Which we know we can do and how to do it...

I think there is an error :

What should I do ?
If I click cancel it goes back to the type of installation page (partition)

Are you installing as Encrypted or are you installing on a previously encrypted drive?

I don't think the drive is encrypted, let me check.
I can't check...