Installation directly from pc

Hello all!
I have question. When i downloaded Zorin iso.
How i can directly install that iso on hard disk without Balena etcher etc.
Did i need create a installation in some vm then i can installing that on hard disk?
The drivers will be not correct from vm on bare metal.

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This and that you would still need to be able to boot from a separate drive from the one you are installing to. Which renders the idea rather superfluous and the option to burn to a USB stick as the easiest, most efficient and trouble free method.

But yes - it is possible to install Zorin OS without burning the .iso to USB or DVD disk.

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Installing on external portable hard disk is good option.
Propably i need create on pc vm cd-rom then put inside a Zorin.iso then there must be some "setup.exe" to can create a installation.

Maybe something like that? Not sure though, I can't say for Zorin that is.. Almost 10 years old at that lol

I posted this link on another thread but can't remember where or when:


If you mean a slightly different procedure, with one of my Windows 7 Starter laptop I downloaded the .iso, then simply extracted it with WinRAR and finally installed it to this laptop. By what I know, some time ago before the moment I did so WinRAR wasn't allowed to extract .iso files, as before that moment I often tried with some games .iso files and they weren't extracting, just throwing an error. Looks like a newer WinRAR version I installed manually had the feature to allow this action. So maybe I was simply using an outdated WinRAR :sweat_smile:.

This is something what i mean. One what I reading ISO image linux don't have installer inside like a windows.iso or some software setup.exe
It must have a grub or EFI to start.

Brilliant - wonder if still applicable?

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