Installation for Portability

According to this article:

Zorin can be installed and run from a USB.

I know how to write an ISO file to a USB, but is there anything I have to do to make Zorin run from the actual USB? For portability?

I’d like to install it on a 3.0 USB and just run it from there.

Or am I misunderstanding the article? I know that a lot of Linux distros will let you test the OS from USB, but when you unplug it, anything you changed or installed is gone. I’m looking to run Zorin and have everything stay on the USB.

Don’t mind me. I’m an idiot. Zorin isn’t even listed on that page. I’ve boggled myself.

You can create a Zorin live disk with persistence on a USB stick, but it will not perform well as a portable OS. Only intended to get look and feel of the distro and to install if liked.

What I’ve found to work best is to use a live USB to install to another USB 3.0 or 3.1 stick. The performance is not what it would be on an SSD, but you should not notice much of a drop for normal computing.

Also, disconnecting all other internal drives seems to help the install run more smoothly.