Installation issues

Hi guys,

New Zorin user here, old linux user otherwise. This is not a complaint, nor do I need assistance with the installation, just an poorly located bug report.

Installing Zorin took three tries, it appears that the installer choked on the number of partitions (16 or so) that I wanted to access from Zorin. Lightweight. LOL!

That's annoying enough, what's bad is when the installer dies without even a "Fair-thee-well" from it the first time (but not before wrecking my GRUB bootloader - thanks for that. There are times that I really miss lilo).

The second time that it failed I basically got a "Your on your own pilgrim, figure it out."

In any case I somehow managed. :slight_smile: :wink:

So for whomever handles the installation code it's something to look into I suppose.

Perhaps you need to change your LILO for a (GRUB) sunbed! :nerd_face:
I always had a fear of LILO and never used it! Did your other partitions use LILO? Did you use GPT formatting first with GParted?

In a fashion, the old linux distros used LILO, so those partitions (and the drives they reside upon) are out in the garage. Who knows what's on them? :slight_smile:

LILO was pretty simple for the most part. Grub, not so much.

But Zorin is all more or less working, I have a ton of places to visit and log on to - or not. Might be a good time to do some pruning.

I need to setup a VM so that I can continue to play Harpoon since it's going to need Windows (or DOS). I just fired up the Loki linux version of Civilization Call to Power. It's been awhile since I played it.