Installation of the OS on a 16 gb usb 3.0 pendrive

i want to know if i can install os on the pendrive and use as a daily used os i dont care about performance just the os should work , will it ?

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Yes you can install on the pendrive an OS of any Linux, even multiboot if you like that. Mind the bootloader where you will put it. If the B-loader is on the pendrive you need to set the BIOS to Legacy and select what you want to boot there. You can install as well UEFI on the main disk or HDD, and pre-select what you want to boot out of EFI. They are NOT the same.
I think the bootloader on the pendrive would be the most easy option, provided you have a selection in the bootloader of the BIOS (most common is the F12-option in the Brand Splash Screen when you push the power button).

Suspend and/ or hybernation will not work correct.

16Gb is on the small side, I would opt-in for a 64Gb model instead.

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Yes try this guide, Search results for 'using ubuntu from usb stick' | Ubuntu

Note: Zorin is based on Ubuntu

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