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Installation stuck at "Updates and software"

Installation is now stuck at the "Who are you?" page. No ideas why though..

You do not use uppercase in your username, right?


Use all lower case.

Where? My username is all lower case. And it let me use uppercase in the name when I was installing Zorin on my laptop.

But that's not the username, is it? Isn't it the one at the "Pick a username" field?

Try what @Aravisian said . You can always changed it when the OS is installed.

Okay, do I have to start the install all over again?

Shouldn't be the case.

Well my installer just crashed so I'm now forced to do so.

@Aravisian Managed to get to the install finally.. The only problem is that it is stuck at "Almost finished copying files...". There are some PCIE port errors in there but all of them show "corrected".

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This really sounds like bad RAM to me. Which may explain why you have been having so much trouble. Have you run any memtests?

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I agree with @Aravisian that you may have some hardware that malfunction. Better check up on this.

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