Installation to USB

Is there another way other than using BalenaEtcher? Like many other users I had no issue with it before, but now it's a blank white screen.

Try Rufus or Unetbootin. I prefer the latter myself.

Rufus no longer supports Windows 7, which is why we're trying to get out from under Microsoft's BS thumb.
UNetbootin seems to be working, so thanks.


Isn’t Windows 7 no longer supported for several years now?

Ventoy is the tool I use every time I need stuff done.

Looks like it does support Windows 7:

Tested OS Series

  • Windows

    Windows 7, [...]

source: Test List - Ventoy

I couldn't figure out Ventoy. It unzipped a bunch of gobbledygook but nothing intuitively recognizable as the app.

I also always use my Ventoy USB drive. It needs to be installed. Just follow the instructions from their website. IIRC it had been pretty straight forward and can be done from either Windows or Linux.


Unetbootin didn't work either. It's not recognized as a bootable drive.

Two things:

  1. Did you confirm the SHA256 checksum of the downloaded .iso was correct against published value?
  2. Try a different USB stick. (Balena if you used it, has a bit of reputation here of wrecking USB sticks)

Up to Rufus v3.22 can work with Windows 7
I tried recently to create Zorin 16 & 17 USB drives

HEY, if you are on Linux you can use popsicle software or disks itself.

Yes. "Popsicle" is a System76 application for their Pop!_OS distribution and
"Disks" is the default partition manager (like Gparted) for newer GNOME based distributions. Popsicle can flash a USB and Disks can create partitions.

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