Installation Zorin and after installing Zorin problems on my pc

Ok. I have installing my Zorin Lite Pro with 3 partitions ESP/root and home.
After finishing installation my hard disk isn't recognize in bios and my pc is on and off all time.

Ok. What is new for me.
I installed Zorin on second hard disk but when clicking F11 I seeing only my hard disk where is mx linux. Confuse for me what should i click.
I will trying again changing in bios boot that option where is Zorin to check if this boot properly or it will be on/off again my pc.
I wondering why the grub Zorin is installed on mx if i created partition ESP for Zorin on second hard disk?
After changed in bios option to boot from Zorin it start first.

After installing steam flatpak.
I have some errors.

Why that many problems after fresh installation?
Why this want install wine if I never used that?
Because I have a Lite Prro version?

No, I think this is because you opted for the Flatpak version. Have you tried the standard Steam in APT (First, remove the Flatpak package for steam).?

sudo apt install steam

After fresh installation three updates my desktop is freeze and i cannot doing anything.
Installed only steam and caprine also flameshot for printscreen - nothing else.
I am confused.
Zorin mostly what i remember on version before have some issue with drivers and black screen but freezing don't remember.
Maybe my hardware isn't good for Zorin distribution?

Can you give your specs?

I using mx linux now with apps and desktop also drivers working almost ok.
Problem in mx linux they have pipewire before installation i have sound but after installation pipewire not working usinf back to pulseaudio.
Also with some games have some problems.
Installation on mx linux is near the same software what i mostly using and changing some customization with that guide what i put working without problems.
Sometimes I have problem with sound it coming harsh then i need off my dac to push button and back to on like restart. Dac is connected with a print a cable.
I am confuse it is with some codecs problems?
The mx linux have mx codecs packages installation in settings.

Installed today Zorin XFCE.
Zorin i have on second hard disk ssd crucial.
I don't know what could be issue with freezing.

My monitor i have setting on 60Hz
Checked also ISO.

In this link the answer fixed that freeze is answear
"Tired to wait for backport I upgraded to 22.10 and the issue is out now."

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