Installed apps tab in Software store has gone blank

My "Installed" tab in the Software Store has gone blank. How can I get this to show all the installed apps? The Explore and Update tabs are working ok.

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Please, in the future Opsman, whenever your having issues like the one you are talking about now, always take screenshots, because we can understand more based on visuals, then what the person is trying to say in their posts.

You may need to run this command to re-install the software store, I just hope this doesn't make things worse. I never know when it comes to installing Gnome software, it can be unpredictable at time.

sudo apt install --reinstall gnome-software


That resolved the issue thank you. I note your comments about a screenshot and will make sure I do in future, Thanks once again.


Your welcome! Thank you for contacting Cat Technical Support, where our cats are always on the lines nearly 24/7, we like treats.


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Shouldn't it be post #2 by @StarTreker that should be marked as Solution?

EDIT: Well @Aravisian answered that question by moving the Solution tag by -1 post. :+1:

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My apologies. I am new and still finding my way around procedures. I appreciate Aravisian correcting it for me.

Had the same issue recently on zorin pro 16. You click software > installed > and it's blank. Just an empty screen with no installed programs. I restarted my laptop, logged back in, clicked software again and installed programs displayed.

There needs to be a refresh button on the software 'installed' section, that inputs a terminal command to re-load the display of installed programs, just like it has on the updates page.

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