Installed KDE Plasma Desktop and having trouble removing it now

Hello everyone...
Please don't mind if a similar topic already exists...
So I installed kde plasma desktop but I did not like it, so I tried to remove it. I switched my session back to Zorin OS desktop and opened the terminal and ran the following command:

sudo apt-get remove --auto-remove kde-plasma-desktop

This removed kde desktop but the KDE apps are still there (Dolphin, KDE Connect, Discover; etc). Even the desktop theme and the cursor theme are still like KDE Plasma Desktop.
How do I undo everything?

P.S I already tried this:

sudo apt-get purge kde-plasma-desktop

For removing desktop environments; this is one area that I find Synaptic to be the Easiest tool.
Desktop environments bring a LOT of packages with them.

Please install Synaptic

sudo apt install synaptic

Open Synaptic and look to the top toolbar for Search. Click that and type in plasma
Now, go down the list and select Plasma Desktop Items to Remove completely. As you do this, Synaptic will open a pop up window on occasion offering to remove other installed packages it brought. Say yes to all of those.
Once you have selected all Plasma DE items from the list, click apply.

There is no "Plasma Desktop Items" but there is plasma desktop. Should I select that one? There is also plasma desktop data.

I am sorry, I was not exactly clear, there. "Plasma desktop items" is not the name of a package. I meant all items that are Plasma Desktop packages.
You can tell by them being marked as "KDE" or if the name is a clear reference by starting with a "k" like "kwallet" or if the have "plasma" in the name.

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Ok, should I also remove stuffs with 'Qt' 'KF5' and 'Oxygen' in the name and description?

Oxygen is a Theme or Icon theme.
QT packages are used in other environments, so check the package. Is it one you recognize and use? If not- it can go.
KF5 is part of Kdenlive... I think.

Ok I will check tomorrow...It is night here.

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