Installed xfce on Zorin OS 16 - odd behavior

I may have screwed up. I have Zorin 16 Pro and I installed XFE4. Everything is super large put in password which was on 2nd monitor and nothing happened. Warm boot and selected Advance and the -34 booted back to normal.
I am sorry but how do I fixed it?

Can you outline what steps you took? Are you able to take a picture of the large font screen and post it?

Its not as bad as I thought, I am trying to see what I have here. When I allow it to boot into Zorin not selecting an Advance option I end up with a Large Red background with large login on left with a selection of 3 menus options. As you said this is a little overwhelming. I have to warm boot to be able to select the -34, -27 is way big. Does this have the Windows 11 background?
What do you mean Be aware that XFCE 4.16 is the version that is partially switched over to CSD's. Should I be running 20.04 instead of 18.??? Could the XFCE 4.14 be using -27 and XFCE 4.16 use the -34? Ubuntu 20.04 will not run using the -27 it wants -34. It would boot up correctly the last few days.
I am going to play with this to see if I can tell what has happened before doing something other than upgrading to XFCE 4.16.

No, xfce would work the same on either kernel. I think you are describing a Graphics Driver issue.

Then I will stay where I am until I get a better handle on what is going on. Or do you think I should upgrade to 4.16?

This is more of a matter of preference than of functionality. The XFCE 4.16 brought some additional features, but nothing truly major or anything.
If you installed XFCE 4.14, then that is a very good and solid starting point for XFCE.
The login Window should not look oversized, though. I would like to retrace what steps you took to see if we can figure out what caused that to happen.

I followed each step you had outlined for installing just XFCE 4.14

That may include LightDM Display Manager.
You may opt to install

sudo apt install lightdm-gtk-greeter-settings

This is a GUI application to manage the settings, appearance, fonts, font sizes, layout etc of LightDM Logon screen.

You may also prefer Whiskermenu (I do). It is highly configurable and Gives Large easy to see Icons (A feature I like, especially on the shop computer).

sudo apt install xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin

Right click the panel (taskbar) and then select Panel Preferences. A window will pop up with all the settings for the Panel. You can explore this all you want... but at the moment, click the third tab (Items) and then select the Add Button.
A popover will offer all the things you can add to the panel. Down toward the bottom of the list (alphabetical order) you will find Whiskermenu. Add it - then use the Arrow Bottoms Up or Down to position it to where you want on the panel.
Right click the Whiskermenu and select configure to open the settings manager for the App Menu. Here, you can set a custom icon, name or the size of icons and layouts.
It is really great for laying out the organization of the menu for ease in finding apps or for visibility. Developed by Greame Gott, who also developed the Arc Menu which was the basis for the Zorin Menu.

The odd behavior was only booting up using the -27. I can be in windows10 reboot into Zorin/XFCE using the -34 and it loads up perfectly.
If I was 30 years younger this would be great. That is really fantastic programming a iota thought went into that.
How would I switch back to what I had. I installed XFCE4.14 and the whiskermenu-plugin.

All you need to do is Log out, then select the Desktop Chooser on the left end of the Far Right Icons on the top bar.
Select Zorin Desktop.
Then log in.

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