Installed Zorin but full of bugs

Hi, I have installed Zorin on my XPS 13 2in1 7390 and most of it works fine except there seems to be a lot of glitches.
The clock has half of a letter missing. Some programs like notion keeps crashing so I ran an Audi apt upgrade and now it looks like I don't have internet access anymore even though I'm connected.
I almost want to go back to windows.
Do I have to reinstall Zorin or is there a better way to find out what is actually going on. I'm very new to Linux and quite frankly a bit overwhelmed.
Any help is much appreciated.

Can you Provide your PC specs?

15gb memory
Intel core i7 1065g7 cpu @1.3ghz x 8
Graphics mesa Intel iris plus
Disk 256.1 GB

Specs are fine might be something during the installation, Please follow this guide during reinstallation.

Both browsers don't work right now. I'm not sure how I can do this without internet access

I have an internet connection on my phone but for some reason my laptop doesn't think I do right now?

I get an error saying we cannot connect to the server

Is there something I can do from the terminal?

I suppose you have the installation media and you can try to reinstall. Terminal can help But we do not know the reason of so many bugs. It may be different Format of Drive or something else.

No I don't have it anymore because I wanted to install it for my wife's mac and I'm on windows. I just ran a ping test and the statistics said 2 packets transmitted 2 received does that mean my internet is working and there is something else wrong?

Also doesn't reinstalling mean loosing everything I just put on this computer, programs etc?

So, the hardware is a mac or windows?

How did you, with no internet access?

I'm on a windows PC and I used a usb to install Zorin. Then I wanted to install it on my wife's mac so I deleted the usb and reconfigure it for mac and I think it is empty now since I was struggling with Linux for days.

So , you can make another one right??
from windows

Zorin has actually a lot of bugs in mac OS and is not supported for most of the versions after 2020. The Forum has a lot of Topics regarding mac WiFi not working. While some managed to make it work by changing the wifi band to 2.4 GHZ. while some still faced a lot of problems.

How if my internet isn't working?

It is a very common Issue.

I mean it is but brave is just black

How did you installed it?

Using a usb and going on the Zorin website I'm sorry I changed network from 5 to 2.4 and nothing