Installer does not see /dev/sda

I am trying to install Zorin OS Lite on a machine. The installer does not offer to install it on /dev/sda, only showing /dev/sdb and /dev/sdc. Note, though, that it does offer to put boot on /dev/sda.

/dev/sda very much exists, I even made partitions for / (sda5), /home (sda6) and swap (sda7).

I even rebooted after making the partitions. I have not put ext4 on 5 and 6 yet, I recall the installer will format them anyway.
Also, the installer did not see sda even when that chunk of space was just an unpartitioned mass.
Does anyone have an idea how to make the installer recognize my partitions on, or even the existence of, /dev/sda?

EDIT: I forgot the disk seems to have been configured for RAID, that might be causing the issue, let me see if I can get rid of that.

Raid will be an issue. It also answers why you don't have an efi partition on sda. While there is a way to install zorin to a raid array, it is recommended that you disband the array, install, the create the array.

Once the array is disbanded, you should be able to add zorin to the partitions you created for it and an efi boot partition (unless you choose to overwrite the windows boot manager).

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Yeah, it was the RAID all right; after running dmraid -E on it, the device showed up. I don't particularly need the array (I wasn't the one to create it in the first place, we got this PC pre-owned several years ago, but so far, the pre-made RAID did not cause issues), so I haven't bothered remaking it.

While i understand the usefulness of an array, a long as you backup your information, an array is more than a user really needs. It will also free up disk space for more information if you don't use one.

Redundancy is really not necessary for a personal computer, though it has appeal.

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